General issues – what is the maximum number of students allowed per class in New York?

The maximum number of students allowed per class in New York varies depending on the grade level and subject, but it averages around 25-30 students.

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The maximum number of students allowed per class in New York varies depending on the specific grade level and subject. According to the New York State Education Department, the maximum number of students per class in kindergarten is 25, while the maximum for first through sixth grade is 30 students per class. For grades seven to eight, the maximum number of students per class is also 30, with certain exceptions. High school classes, on the other hand, can have up to 34 students per class. However, the actual class size is affected by various factors such as school district policies, available resources, and student engagement.

According to the New York State Department of Education, reducing class size has been shown to have various benefits such as increased student achievement, improved behavior, and enhanced teacher effectiveness. A study by the National Education Association discovered that class size reduction resulted in an increase in student reading achievement and improvements in school climate. Smaller class sizes allow for personalized attention, better student participation, and a more focused learning environment.

Here is a comparison table to illustrate the maximum number of students per class in New York by grade level:

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Grade Level Maximum Number of Students per Class
Kindergarten 25
First to Sixth Grade 30
Seventh to Eighth Grade 30 (with some exceptions)
High School 34

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Adequate class sizes are imperative in providing a conducive learning environment for students. Despite the recommended maximum number of students per class, some schools in New York City have struggled with overcrowding, resulting in class sizes exceeding 30. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Hochreiter urged New York policymakers to reduce class sizes, citing the positive impact on overall student success and stress reduction for teachers. The need for smaller classes remains a significant topic of discussion in the education sector.

New York City Mayor stated that the city’s public schools will reopen in September with the maximum number of students in attendance, as long as the state approves. The decision was based on a Department of Education survey that found 75% of parents want their children to return to school. Safety measures, such as daily deep cleaning, face coverings, and social distancing, will be implemented. The Chancellor will work with individual principals on their reopening plans.

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Kindergarten through third grade classes will be capped at 20 students. Grade four through eight at 23 students. High school at 25 students. And physical education or performing arts classes will be capped at 40 students.

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What is the class size law in NYC?
As a response to this: What are the new class-size caps? Kindergarten through third grade should have no more than 20 children. From grades four through eighth, classes should have no more than 23 students, while students in ninth through 12th grades can have up to 25 students.

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Just so, How many kids can be in a class NYC? Last school year, class sizes averaged 25 students as enrollment dipped. The new law will cap classes at 20 students in kindergarten through third grade, 23 students for grades 4-8, and 25 students for high school classes. Physical education and classes for “performing groups” must be limited to 40 students.

Similarly one may ask, What is the max number of students in a classroom? A district must submit a request for a class size exception for any classrooms in prekindergarten – fourth grade that exceed the 22 students class size limit (Texas Education Code §25.112, Note: Pre-K class size limits were added beginning with the 2021-2022 school year).

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Across all grades in 2021-22, the average class size is 24.4 students per class. There was 1.7 decrease from 2019- 20.

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