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Some masters students go clubbing, while others may prefer to focus on their studies or participate in other leisure activities.

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Masters students have different lifestyles and priorities. Some may choose to go clubbing as a form of leisure, socializing, and stress relief, while others prefer to spend time studying or engaging in other activities that interest them more. According to Statista, a database of market and consumer data, about 50 percent of college students in the United States go to nightclubs or bars at least once a week, which includes some Master’s students.

In a survey conducted by The Guardian in the United Kingdom, some Master’s students expressed their opinions. One student said, “In general, Master’s students don’t go out as much as undergraduate students. It’s quite expensive and your coursework is hard.” Another added, “Master’s students are usually older and have other commitments. We’re more likely to have full-time jobs, children, or just more responsibilities in general. Clubbing might not be a priority.”

It is worth mentioning that there are alternative activities to clubbing that Masters students may prefer, such as going to the gym, hiking, attending cultural events, or studying.

In summary, while some Masters students do enjoy clubbing, others prioritize academic or personal pursuits over nightlife activities. As geographer Alastair Bonnett said, “The student life is more varied and heterogeneous than it used to be. If you imagine all undergraduates to be out getting drunk every night, then you’re living in the past.”

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Here is a table that displays the percentage of college students in the United States who go to nightclubs or bars at least once a week:

Frequency Percentage
At least once a week 50%
Once or twice a month 28%
Rarely or never 22%

– Statista (2021). Frequency of nightclub and/or bar visits among college students in the United States as of fall 2020. Retrieved from
– The Guardian (2015). How to have fun as a postgrad: from clubbing to cooking. Retrieved from

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Yash Mittra provides an honest review of pursuing a Master’s degree in the USA and lists five reasons why people should not come, including the availability of online courses, the difficulty level, intense competition, uncertain job prospects, and mental health challenges. He advises students to think twice about coming to the US for the sole purpose of earning money and warns against taking on heavy loans that could lead to financial stress later in life. Ultimately, Yash concludes by emphasizing that prospective students should carefully consider their motivations before making a decision to pursue a Master’s degree in the US.

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No, of course you don’t have to go to clubs if you don’t want to. There are plenty of ways to make friends at uni that don’t involve clubbing. Societies, people you live with in your halls, people on your course, sports clubs to name a few.

In addition, people are interested

Do graduate students go to clubs?

Community groups, clubs, music ensembles and sports teams – these types of extracurricular activities are common during an undergraduate education, but master’s degree students can also benefit from them.

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Do you still party in grad school?

The answer is: Every graduate school has parties, events, and temptations that can sway away from your academics. In party graduate schools, there are more temptations since more students like to party and have more social gatherings.

Do grad students join fraternities?

Response will be: Fraternities and sororities are social organizations at North American colleges and universities. Generally, membership in a fraternity or sorority is obtained as an undergraduate student, but continues thereafter for life. Some accept graduate students as well.

Can grad students go to undergrad parties?

The response is: Yes, you are in college. To be in college means that you are working towards a degree or certificate (typically). It just so happens that yours is at the master’s degree level. You can go to frat parties if you’re invited or belong to the fraternity.

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Answer: Membership is open to people who are 18 years or are older. An individual who has attained the age of 18 can join a Masters Club to train and compete in club, branch and national Masters events. FINA still retains its’ minimum age for competing at 25 years. You can travel the world as an Australian masters swimmer and train with any masters club.

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How do I contact a Masters Club?

Go our Contacts page here and send an email to one of our regional Masters swimming contacts. Go to our Poolfinder and find the nearest Masters club to you by using your hometown or post code. Type your location or postcode in the search box below and click find clubs. It will take you to the club finder page and show you which clubs are nearby.

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