What percentage of the university of alabama is black?

As of 2021, approximately 12% of the University of Alabama’s student population is black.

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According to the most recent data as of 2021, approximately 12% of the University of Alabama’s student population is black. While this percentage may seem low, it is actually higher than it has been in previous years, showing progress towards greater diversity and inclusion on campus.

A quote from civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind when discussing issues of diversity and access to education: “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” This quote emphasizes the importance of diverse perspectives in higher education and the role that universities have in cultivating the minds and characters of their students.

Interesting facts about the University of Alabama include:

  • UA was founded in 1831 and is the oldest public university in the state of Alabama.
  • The school’s athletic teams are known as the Crimson Tide and have a storied history, particularly in football. The team has won 18 national championships and has produced many NFL players.
  • UA has a large and active Greek system, with over 30 fraternities and sororities on campus.
  • The school offers over 200 degree programs and has a highly ranked business school and law school.
  • UA has a beautiful campus, featuring historic buildings and landmarks like the President’s Mansion and Denny Chimes.

In order to provide more comprehensive information about the demographics of UA’s student population, here is a table breaking down the racial composition of students as of 2021:

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Race/Ethnicity Percentage of Student Population
White 80%
Black 12%
Hispanic/Latino 4%
Asian 2%
Other/Unknown 2%

In conclusion, while the University of Alabama still has progress to make in terms of diversifying its student population, recent increases in the percentage of black students show that the school is moving in the right direction. By promoting inclusivity and fostering a community of critical thinking and empathy, UA can continue to be a leader in higher education.

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