Your demand — what phone do most college students have?

The iPhone is the most popular phone among college students.

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According to recent statistics and surveys, the iPhone is the most popular phone among college students. In fact, a study conducted by LendEDU found that 71% of college students own an iPhone, while only 29% own an Android phone. This domination by Apple devices is not limited to the United States, as a global study by Student Monitor showed that 83% of international students own an iPhone.

Part of the reason for the iPhone’s popularity among college students can be attributed to its design and functionality. With a sleek and modern appearance, the iPhone is seen as a trendy accessory that complements the lifestyles of young people. Additionally, the numerous features and applications available on the iPhone, such as social media platforms, messaging apps, and productivity tools, make it a valuable tool for college students.

In the words of Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Apple’s ongoing innovation and commitment to creating products that meet the needs of its customers have undoubtedly contributed to the iPhone’s ubiquity among college students.

Here is a table summarizing the results of the aforementioned studies:

Survey Percentage of College Students that Own
LendEDU 71% iPhone, 29% Android
Student Monitor (global) 83% iPhone, 17% Android

Overall, it is clear that the iPhone is the phone of choice for a significant portion of college students both domestically and abroad.

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The OnePlus 5 is presented as the ideal phone for students in this video. Features such as fast charging, a telephoto lens, portrait mode, and a high-quality front camera are highlighted. The phone’s expanded screenshot feature is perfect for sharing academic achievements, while the notification slider aids in avoiding unwanted interruptions during critical moments. The reading mode reduces eye strain during extended study sessions, and the screen off gesture features provide quick access to tools that students might need. Overall, the video suggests that the OnePlus 5 caters to all aspects of a student’s lifestyle, with a bonus 10% discount available to help ease financial concerns.

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The most prevalent cell phone pro- viders are AT&T (26 percent) and T-Mobile (25 percent); HTC is the favorite cell phone brand (29 percent). Most (83 percent) have been using a cell phone for more than 4 years.

53% of college students own a smartphone. 47% own a feature phone. [ Click to Tweet This Stat] 77% of college students use their smartphones first thing when they wake up in the morning.

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What phones do college students use?
Included in this guide:

  • Google. Pixel 6a. Check Price.
  • Samsung. Galaxy A53 5G. Check Price.
  • Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G. Check Price.
  • Nothing. Phone 1. Check Price.
  • Nokia. G20. Check Price.
  • Motorola. Moto G Stylus 5G 2022. Check Price.
  • OnePlus. Nord N20 5G. Check Price.

What device do most college students use?
As a response to this: laptops
Digital devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are ubiquitous in society, across college campuses, and in college classrooms. A vast majority of college students bring and/or use a laptop in the classroom (Patterson and Patterson, 2017; Elliot-Dorans, 2018).
Which phone is best for college students iPhone?
Response to this: The Apple® iPhone 13 Pro is one of the best phones for students who plan to use their device for various school-related activities. These models feature a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display and an impressive battery life with up to 22 hours of video playback. You can find the 13 Pro in these colors: Alpine Green.
What phone should I get as a student?
Response to this: One of the best smartphones for students is the OnePlus 7T which is the latest smartphone from OnePlus in the upper mid-range category. It comes with a Snapdragon 855+ processor, 8GB RAM, 6.7-inch screen along with 90Hz refresh rate and an AMOLED panel. Pros: Great gaming performance.
How many college students have cellphones?
It is no surprise that Post (2011) found that 99.8% of college students have cellphones. College students feel either cellphones or smartphones are an essential to survive. Today, many students primarily use smartphone for texting and running apps, phones are rarely used to make phone calls.
What is the best phone for a student?
Response will be: Find out more about how we test. For a student, one of the most important aspects of buying a new phone is buying reliable something without being too expensive. Out of all the phones on the market right now, the one that strikes that balance the best is the Google Pixel 6a.
Can students use mobile phones during study hours?
The reply will be: Certain rules which allow the usage of mobile phones only before or after school or during recess and lunch breaks. Also, students should not be allowed to use their mobile phones as MP3 players with or without headphones during study hours.
Should students buy Android phones?
As a response to this: Students don’t need to miss out on cool features and solid specs. Whether you’re a high schooler’s parent or a student getting ready to head back to college, having a trusty Android phone by your side can make life a lot easier. Problem is, most students don’t have the budget to purchase top-of-the-line phones because of financial constraints.
Which mobile phone is best for college students?
College students, who are not ready to spend a fortune on mobile phones, may view A52 as a beneficial alternative. The combination of a big screen, high refresh rate, water resistance, and long battery life is impressive. Users who prefer Android phones and are not ready to spend much on expensive gadgets can view Google Pixel 4A as a top choice.
What percentage of college students own a smartphone?
The 2021 survey found that 93 percent of people with a college degree or higher, owned a smartphone. Get notified via email when this statistic is updated. Statista Accounts: Access All Statistics. Starting from
Can I use a cell phone if I'm a college student?
Also, for college students, if you’re good about using data, you can use WiFi calling on campus and elsewhere to avoid using any minutes and data. It’s important to note that there are also activation fees and a charge to port your number. The cheapest cell phone plan available currently is offered by Scratch Wireless.
How often do students use their phones?
The response is: This article will dive further into this topic. What Does the Statistic Say? Cell phone use statistics found that 95% of students bring their phones to class every day. With 92% using them to text in class, and even 10% admitted to having texted during an exam (Tindell and Bohlander, 2012).

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