Your request — how many teams made the NCAA tournament in 1979?

The NCAA tournament in 1979 had 40 teams.

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The NCAA tournament, also known as March Madness, is one of the biggest events in college basketball, attracting fans from all across the country. The tournament has evolved over time, from its early days with just eight teams to the 68-team format that is currently in place.

In 1979, the NCAA tournament consisted of 40 teams, marking an increase from the 32-team format that had been used since 1975. This expansion allowed more teams from smaller conferences to participate in the tournament, giving them a chance to compete with the big boys.

According to, “the field consisted of 25 automatic qualifiers, who earned their spot in the tournament by winning their conference championship, and 15 at-large bids, who were selected by a committee.”

Here is a table showing the teams that made the tournament in 1979:

Region Team
East Syracuse
East Villanova
East Boston College
East St. John’s
East Pennsylvania
East Connecticut
East Iona
East Lafayette
East North Carolina
East Purdue
East St. Bonaventure
East Tennessee
East Virginia Commonwealth
East Western Kentucky
East Georgetown
East Notre Dame
Midwest Indiana State
Midwest Arkansas
Midwest Minnesota
Midwest Louisville
Midwest Bradley
Midwest Western Michigan
Midwest Texas
Midwest Oklahoma
Midwest Ohio State
Midwest Iowa
Midwest Detroit
Midwest Tennessee State
Midwest Florida
Midwest Weber State
West Arizona State
West Oregon State
West Arkansas State
West DePaul
West Utah State
West Gonzaga
West San Francisco
West Wyoming
West Santa Clara
West San Diego
West North Carolina State
West USC
West Charlotte
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As famed basketball coach John Wooden once said, “Don’t measure yourself by what you’ve accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.” For the teams that made the NCAA tournament in 1979, they had a unique opportunity to showcase their abilities on a national stage and compete for a chance to become champions.

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The video shows the final moments of every March Madness men’s basketball championship game since 1979, featuring buzzer-beaters, comebacks, and emotional celebrations from the winning teams. Memorable moments include Villanova’s championship-winning shot in 2016 and Virginia’s historic comeback victory in 2019. The clip also showcases Duke’s win in 2010 and Kentucky’s championship in 2012, among others, demonstrating the excitement and suspense that make March Madness beloved among fans. Overall, the video provides a glimpse into the dramatic finishes of March Madness games over the past four decades.

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40 schoolsThe 1979 NCAA Division I basketball tournament involved 40 schools playing in single-elimination play to determine the national champion of men’s NCAA Division I college basketball. It began on March 9 and ended with the championship game on March 26 in Salt Lake City.

1979 NCAA Division I basketball tournament; Season: 1978–79: Teams: 40: Finals site: Special Events Center Salt Lake City, Utah: Champions: Michigan State Spartans (1st title, 1st title game, 2nd Final Four) Runner-up: Indiana State Sycamores (1st title game, 1st Final Four) Semifinalists

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It’s interesting that, The 1979 NCAA championship game between Bird’s Indiana State Sycamores and Johnson’s Michigan State Spartans drew the highest television rating in college basketball history. NBC’s telecast received a 24.1 rating. In the last decade, only the 1985 Villanova-Georgetown final has come close with a 23.3.
And did you know that, The 1979 NCAA Division I Basketball Tournamentinvolved 40 schools playing in single-eliminationplay to determine the national champion of men’s NCAA Division Icollege basketball. It began on March 9 and ended with the championship game on March 26 in Salt Lake City. A total of 40 games were played, including a national third-place game.
It is interesting: Each 1979 tournament winner received an automatic bid to the 1979 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament in the same way that the tournament champions of conventional athletic conferences did. [4] A number of teams changed coaches during the season and after it ended. [28]

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When did NCAA tournament expand to 64 teams?
The response is: 1985
The NCAA tournament field grew to 16 teams in 1951, doubled to 32 in 1975 and expanded to its current size of 64 teams in 1985.
Who won the NCAA championship in 1979?
Answer to this: Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball1979 NCAA Division I basketball tournament / ChampionThe Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team is the intercollegiate men’s basketball program representing Michigan State University. The school competes in the Big Ten Conference of NCAA Division I college basketball. The Spartans have won two NCAA championships and 16 Big Ten Championships. Wikipedia
How many teams were in the NCAA tournament in 1977?
The answer is: 1977 NCAA Division I basketball tournament

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Season 1976–77
Teams 32
Finals site The Omni Atlanta
Champions Marquette Warriors (1st title, 2nd title game, 2nd Final Four)
Runner-up North Carolina Tar Heels (4th title game, 7th Final Four)

How many Big 12 teams made the big dance?
Seven Big 12 teams
Seven Big 12 teams will play in the Big Dance for the seventh season since 2010, including six of the last nine tournaments conducted. The Big 12 has had six or more NCAA Championship teams in 19 of 26 years, including 10 seasons since 2012.

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