Your question is – what is the University of Montana mascot?

The University of Montana mascot is a grizzly bear named Monte.

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The University of Montana mascot is a grizzly bear named Monte. The tradition of having a live grizzly bear as a mascot started in 1965 with the arrival of their first bear, Sonny. However, in 1971, Sonny became too aggressive and the university decided to move him to a wildlife park. Since then, the university has used various costumed versions of grizzly bear mascots, but have had another live bear, a cub named Oscar, in 1993.

Monte was officially introduced as the team’s mascot in 1999 and has been a beloved tradition ever since. He can be seen at almost all of the university’s sporting events, as well as making appearances at various campus events and in the community.

In addition to the live mascot, there are also multiple costumed versions of Monte, including a junior Monte for children’s events. The university even offers a course on Monte and the tradition of grizzly bears as mascots.

According to a quote from the university’s website, “Monte is a symbol of the spirit and strength of the University of Montana,” and his presence serves to enhance school spirit and promote a sense of community among students and fans.


Year Mascot
1965 Sonny
1993 Oscar
1999 Monte

Interesting facts:

  • The selection of Monte as the official mascot was the result of a student-organized contest.
  • Monte has his own Twitter account, where he posts updates and interacts with fans.
  • The university’s football team has a tradition where they touch a bronze statue of a grizzly bear before running onto the field for each game.
  • Monte has been voted as the “Top Mascot in the Nation” by ESPN in the past.
  • The university has a live webcam where fans can watch Monte in his habitat on campus.
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